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        KFC  (Kick'n it For Christ) has a new look

KFC (Kickin-it For Christ)

      KFC is a bible based study for our young people which is held in a safe environment. The students age range from 1-20,  as we meet each Wednesday night from 6-8 pm, we have a group of instructors that teach, share and enhance the learning experience. 

     We are very hands-on with the learning process. Our teen bible study allows our youth to get closer to the Lord as well as learning how to "Let go and Let God".

    KFC provides dinner, assistance with homework, volunteer program for students. At the end of each month we celebrate birthdays for students and staff alike.

     KFC has teen classes where we provide a very challenging study, the bible lesson consist of learning the books of the bible, intense study, journals are maintained to register the growth. As they are  learning how to reference and apply the concordance to their studies.

     The smaller children also have a bible study, we provide a single page worksheet, and a reading time, toys, movies and much more.

     The youth also earn bible bucks and can earn extra credit, which are acquired several ways for example reading, writing etc. all of which allows them to redeem their points for prizes at the end of the month, and this can consist of anything from school supplies to exercise equiptment or toys.

     KFC is totally funded through donations, If you or your company has any means that may assist us in our journey, or supplies that may be used to provide a better service to the kingdom would be greatly appreciated.


    If you are ever in the area, Please join us in our fun filled journey of learning, as we lift our Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayers are for you to be blessed over and above anything you could ever dream or imagine.


 Sis.Renata Richardson

 KFC Director


                All donation of  food, supplies or monitary can be made to  Christ Unity Baptist Church ph. (209) 577-8112 fax (209) 577-8122